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Balu Australia create our own Indigenous Australian designed & made products. We sell our products in our Broome based retail gift shop, online store, local markets, (pop-up shop events) or any local and Australia-wide events that we may attend.

We can stock other individual or group artists works and branded products such as Swim + Resort Wear, Eco Silks, Art, Textiles, Home Decor, Gifts, Jewelry, Souvenirs & More.

Balu Australia provide the opportunity for local artists to sell their artworks such as paintings, crafts, textiles & more to Balu to then re-sell on to our local and global customers.

We also provide services such as Cultural Art & Colour Workshops, Textile Design , Logo Design & Website set up, for small business or local artists.

Balu means tree or wood in the Djugun Language, Djugun people are from Broome Western Australia. Balu Australia focuses on grounding our roots and setting a solid foundation for the Balu tree to grow.

We connect with mother earth divine through nature, spirituality & our sacred ancient Indigenous culture. The colours of the Balu logo represent many meanings,  the ochre red is our root chakra, the white our spirit, our connection, to our people, country, indigenous ancient culture & spiritual dream time.

Our logo also represents the red earth, the blood of our indigenous ancestors, our spirit, our passions, desires to use our creative artistic & spiritual gifts to help connect others with the natural divine.

'Art is the spirit telling a story' - Balu Australia